• Multimedica ScO

  • Founded since 2005 in El Mansoura City.
  • We are specialists in Ultrasound filed as promoters, represetatives, maintenance solutions and sales
  • We were Distributor of USA Ultrasound "Zonare medical systems" in Egypt, Kuwait and Sudan until it's acquired by Mindray in 2015.
  • We have another department for medical equipment of operating rooms, incubators, ICU and Hospital medical supplies.

Activity : Scientific office, promoters & Distributors.
Staff :
CEO: Eng. Amr Shalaby
General Manager: Eng. Mohamed Abd Elsalam
Marketing Manager: Mr. Mohamed Lotfy
Promotion team: 17 Medical rep's + 3 Supervisors
Maintenance team: 6 medical engineers
Plus accountants & employers


  • We will lead the market with high quality and reasonable prices in medical products.
  • Our commitment in quality is regarding to believing that humanity is the priority.
  • Trying to activate after sale services as a standard in the Egyptian market.


  • Supplying the desired level of medical equipment and services because humanity deserves the best.
  • Provide our customer with best quality and best value for money
  • Strategy

    We believe in RRR

    Planning for the next day is a successful approach so we are interested in business planning and quarterly development.

    Manufacturing is also one of our plans for the future and will depend on some simple and complementary industries. Therefore, we seek cooperation with some producers to exchange experiences and information to reach our ultimate goal in serving humanity by improving the level of medical and diagnostic services.

    Continuous improvement in the mechanisms of providing after sales service to ensure that the client receives sufficient training to get the maximum benefit from the product and thus achieve the credibility that will certainly lead to increased sales and achieve the objectives of the company.

    Our Solutions