30mA Mobile X-Ray Equipment for conventional radiology.

Usage : for radiography & fluoroscopy.
The unit is : shockproof, scatter-proof, single-focus, full wave silicon rectified mobile diagnosis X-ray apparatus.
The X-ray generator is knockdown, and the whole unit is deft can be moved into ward.
A wireless remote controller (control range ≥5m) is used to prevent personnel contacting the scatter radial. It has high stability and strong anti-jamming capability.
Power supply:voltage:180~240V(single phase) Frequency:50Hz Current:fluoroscopy 3A ( continuous ) radiography 16A ( instantaneous ) Internal resistance of power cord ≤0.4Ω.
Descriptions of loading factors: Max. KV:85kV; Max. mA:30mA; Max. rated capacity:85kVp,30mA,8s Max. output power:continuous mode: P=0.74×85kV×5mA=0.314kw; Intermittent mode: P=0.74×85 kV×30mA=1.88kw Nominal electric power:85kVp,30mA,8s; P=0.74×85 kV×30mA=1.88kw
Voltage of x-ray tube:50~85kV 8 steps Current of x-ray tube ( continuous mode ) 0~5mA continuously adjustable Intermittent mode:15mA 30 mA 2 steps time:0.10~8.0 s
Operation mode:Intermittent load continuous operation
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