Professional defibrillators for emergency medicine.
Reliable: always, everywhere.
When every mi­nu­te counts, PRI­ME­DIC de­fi­bril­la­tors can help hearts stop mis­sing ano­ther beat. Ever­yw­he­re.
What mat­ters is that they can be used quick­ly. Every time.

Monitor Operation : In­tui­ti­ve and easy to use thanks to hi­gh­ re­so­lu­ti­on 5,7” blue-mo­de mo­ni­tor. Voice prompts and a pre­cise me­tro­no­me are dis­play­ed throughout the de­fi­bril­la­ti­on pro­cess.
Shock Button : Real one-but­ton ope­ra­ti­on. Once ana­ly­sis is com­ple­te and the de­vice has been clea­red for use, de­fi­bril­la­ti­on is trig­ge­red by pres­sing the shock but­ton.
Connector socket : Con­nec­tion point for pre-con­nec­ted elec­tro­de or ECG mo­ni­to­ring cable.
Status display : Ac­tive sta­tus dis­play pro­vi­des com­pre­hen­si­ve in­for­ma­ti­on on the de­vice‘s ope­ra­ting sta­tus (re­gu­lar self-tests).
Battery compartment and access to SaveCard : Easy re­lease to re­place bat­te­ry (PRI­ME­DIC™ Aku­Pak LITE) and ac­cess to Sa­ve­Card.
Set-up menu : In­di­vi­du­al user con­fi­gu­ra­ti­ons pos­si­ble in setup menu; user in­struc­tions avail­able in a range of lan­gua­ges. In ad­di­ti­on to AED mode, it is also pos­si­ble to switch to ma­nu­al mode.
Hands-free de­fi­bril­la­ti­on : Char­ging but­ton for hands-free de­fi­bril­la­ti­on with the aid of Sa­ve­Pads ele­cro­des.
Paddles : Pos­si­ble to switch to padd­les.
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